Friday, April 9, 2010

Travels 'n' Books

Hello all. Within the next few days, I'll be embarking on a fresh new adventure - namely, the 10th annual Nippon Connection film festival in Frankfurt, Germany, which I'll be attending alongside my Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow boss and friend Chris MaGee. Stay tuned to that site for daily updates and reviews from both of us during the fest (running from April 14th-18th). Reviews will also be cross-posted over at Twitch.

After Nippon wraps up, I'll be spending a week in Paris, France, which I'm also pretty excited about. Expect pictures from both Frankfurt and Paris to be posted up here sometime in early May.

Also, I wanted to highlight an exciting upcoming event: the publication of the Directory of World Cinema: Japan from Intellect, edited by John Berra (who, I'm pleased to learn, will be attending Nippon Connection). Already released in the UK and hitting North American stores on April 15th, it features reviews and essays on a number of different films, filmmakers and subjects from several contributors, including myself and fellow Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow writers Bob Turnbull and Matthew Hardstaff. You can currently obtain a free PDF download of the book at the provided link. I got my copy a few weeks ago, and can honestly say that it is quite nicely put together and should be a pretty spiffy volume for Japanese cinema fans to add to their bookshelves.

Here is some information about and links where you can purchase the Japan volume:

ISBN 9781841503356
Volume 1
Paperback 350 pages
Published February 2010
Imprint: Intellect

Now, this book is part of a new series, the Directory of World Cinema, that will dedicate each volume to a different area of world cinema. I am currently contributing to the France volume, and some of the others being put together (and looking for other contributors) will look at Australia and New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Eastern Europe and many more areas of the world. Right now, you can download the American Independent volume (also edited by John Berra) for free right here.

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