Friday, March 1, 2013

Bryan Dickie Photography

Hello all. In this post, I'd like to shed some light on another friend of mine - one whom I haven't seen since our high school days, save for some random meetings here and there (the last one far too briefly taking place on a GO train between Toronto and Oakville). Over the past few years, Bryan Dickie slipped off my radar, and for a time I didn't really know what he was up to.

Well, now I do, and it seems he has been quite busy not only travelling the world with his camera, but venturing into some of the most incredible, harrowing, and haunting places on the globe. A peek at his online portfolio provides a taste of his adventures as well as his formidable talents when it comes to capturing those perfect observational moments within the blur of everyday life. Among the topics he has covered are the Karen ethnic group's ongoing fight against the Myanmar military regime's agenda of abuse and eradication (which Bryan addressed in a story for VICE Canada), the small Asian nation's steady crawl towards democracy, the Arctic Ocean's shrinking quantities of ice, the Inuit community of Pond Inlet, and the turbulent, Toronto-situated G20 summit of June 2010 marked by its overblown police presence and the destruction dealt out to businesses and property.

Bryan has some truly fantastic work to show for all of his globetrotting, and it is clear that he has both the skill and the sheer guts to venture into and document those far-flung places that many of us (definitely including myself) wouldn't dare to tread. I very much look forward to seeing where his adventurous spirit will take him next.

I wholeheartedly recommend everyone check out Bryan and his photography at:

· His main website, where a healthy selection of his photo essays can be found
· His Tumblr blog
· His Twitter account, @Dickiephoto

To close out this post, have a gander at this short trailer for his work:

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